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9 October 2021

Stand for the public at the Village des Sciences, Cap Sciences Bordeaux, 9 october 2021 : "Esprit-critix" (full programme of the event).

25-27 October 2021

Participation to the XIVth international colloquium of palaeohispanic languages and cultures, 25-27 october 2021 in Institut Ausonius (Bordeaux) : Dagmar Wodtko « The lexicon of Celtiberian » but also Noemí Moncunill « Novedades epigráficas de Pech Maho (Sigean, Aude, Francia) » and Coline Ruiz Darasse « La péninsule Ibérique dans les réseaux de la Protohistoire ». Online (inscription).

7 Septembrer 2021

Presentation by Coline Ruiz Darasse in the workshop EUROTECH « Burdigala, entre fleuve et océan, Humanités numériques et recherches paléo-environnementales » 7-9 september 2021 (programme).



13 October 2020

Participation of Coline Ruiz Darasse in the meetings of the SAET laboratory, I seminari di Mnamon: "In the footsteps of the Gauls: the Recueil informatisé des inscriptions gauloises (RIIG)" (poster), available in streaming on Youtube.

07-11 September 2020

Participation of María José Estarán, Noemí Moncunill and David Stifter in the International Training school Online: "The Epigraphic Text. Text. Theory, Practice, Computerization and Digitization" organized from Verona. On this occasion, David Stifter will present, among others, Gallic and Italo-Celtic (program).

25-26 February 2020

Participation of Coline Ruiz Darasse in the ANR SHS days (round table “Cultural, natural and industrial heritage”).

17 February 2020

RIIG kick-off meeting (program).

12 November 2019

Participation of Coline Ruiz Darasse in the kick-off meeting of the projects selected in the Culture, Creativity and Heritage Committee.