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Chapiteau de Saint-Côme (lumière rasante)
Chapiteau de Saint-Côme conservé au musée de la Romanité (Nîmes), © RIIG (ANR 19-CE27-0003), CC BY-ND 4.0, avec l'aimable autorisation du musée.

The Recueil informatisé des inscriptions gauloises is the platform resulting from the work carried out within the framework of an ANR JCJC that started on 1 January 2020, for a duration of 4 years (ANR 19-CE17-0003). It aims at an online edition of texts in Gaulish language by aligning it with the current standards in terms of digital humanities.

As its name indicates, this project is in line with previous work, the volumes of the RIG (Recueil des Inscriptions gauloises), published since 1985 as supplement no. 45 of the journal Gallia and its complements.

Our team is thus working on updating and modernising the previous editions, on the renewed publication of each inscription with a precise contextualisation, on the preparation of a sociolinguistic analysis, and on the provision of an updated archaeological and linguistic bibliography.

A final monograph will offer a synthesis of the question of writing in Gaulish and Gallo-Roman society, based on stone inscriptions.